Oil Cleaning

To keep your car correctly lubricated, it takes more than just topping up the oil every now and again. It’s important that the oil in your vehicle is clean so that it can do its job properly. At Promotive we offer an oil cleaning service at our Newport workshop.

What are the main benefits of oil cleaning?

  • Clean oil provides better lubrication, preventing wear and tear and enhancing the lifespan of critical engine components.
  • It allows the engine to operate more efficiently, helping to maintain optimal fuel efficiency, smoother acceleration and better responsiveness.
  • It carries heat away from the engine components to prevent overheating and to keep a consistent temperature in the engine.
  • Keeping the oil clean carries away dirt and minimises the build-up or sludge which then allows the oil to flow freely and to lubricate effectively.
  • Clean oil reduces friction and drag in the engine so the engine then operates more smoothly and contributes to improved fuel efficiency.

At Promotive we offer two oil cleaning procedures:

  1. Engine Performance and Compression Restorer – This cleaning process takes about 15 minutes – it softens, emulsifies and dissolves those hard-to-remove fuel gums that clog rings. Cost £34.95
  2. Engine Lubrication System Deep Clean. This is a 2-stage process which combines the above process followed by a dialysis-type clean that involves pumping all of the oil out of the vehicle, purifying it which removes any heavy build-up of sludge and carbon deposits, before feeding the clean oil back into the engine. Oil cleaned using this method is in no way inferior to fresh oil. Cost £94.95

If you’re not sure which option you should go for, we’ll look at the current condition of your engine oil and can then advise you on the best way to proceed.

Promotive is proud to be an RAC-Approved Garage and a member of the Trust My Garage network, which both ensure members work to a strict code of conduct. We are also a Castrol Service workshop using only their superior engine oils and our customers benefit from their Castrol Guarantee – ask any team member for more information.

To find out more about Oil Cleaning in Newport, contact us online or call us directly on 01633 891122

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